Ana Sobral


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Postcolonial Spectacles

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, I help people, teams, schools and cultural institutions develop a critical understanding of how pressing societal issues such as racial justice, cultural diversity and colonial history are related to our everyday lives.

In doing so, I draw on over a decade's experience in academic research, teaching, workshops, event-organizing and public talks with authors, artist and activists.

Through training, consultancy and my contributions to the public sphere in English and German, I work to foster an honest, constructive conversation about the importance of postcolonial thought for society as a whole.

Upcoming and Recent Events

Erzählen ohne Grenzen &

Grenzen des Erzählbaren


Lesung und Gespräch

mit Lubna Abou Kheir, Hussein Mohammadi,

Jafar Sael und Shukri Al Rayyan

04.05.2022 19h.  

ZAZ Bellerive

Zentrum Architektur Zürich