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Cultural Mediation

As of March 2021, I have joined artlink, a Swiss organisation dedicated to arts and cultures from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and East Europe. artlink documents works from these regions of the world, and it also promotes their access to the Swiss cultural arts market. I am project manager of the artlink Litklub, which foregrounds literatures from these areas of the world.

In cooperation with artlink, I am also project manager of Weiter Schreiben Schweiz, a platform for exiled authors from conflict areas that showcases their literary work in Switzerland. The exiled authors work in tandem with established authors in Switzerland and with translators, creating brand new literary pieces that reflect these collaborative exchanges as well as sharing works that have so far remained inaccessible to a broader audience.

I am also curator and editor for the related project Weiter Schreiben Mondial, where I have contributed to the selectio of authors and texts from Angola. Among other things, Weiter Schreiben Mondial puts exiled authors in touch and exchange with authors in a variety of countries: Angola, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Iran and Belarus.

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